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Horse Care

Bryleigh Fisher

Horse Care Manager

(813) 802-1505

Bryleigh Fisher is an extraordinary equestrian. She has been riding since a young age giving her the knowledge and confidence to work with horses. She strives for perfection and consistency with everything. Bryleigh has a strong passion for animals and a kind and patient hand. She rides english and western. Competing in programs like IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) and HSITP (Horse Shows in the Park), and PCHA (Pinellas County Hunter Association) she has competed in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. She has made it to Zone Finals in Georgia during the 2014-2015 show season.


Horses and their care are Bryleigh’s primary concern. She resides on the property and provides top quality care for all horses. She is here to make sure that your horse is properly handled, fed, and cared for.

When it comes to training, the style Bryleigh uses is  Natural Horsemanship and classical training. Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on a horse's natural instinct and methods of communication, with the understanding that the horse doesn't learn through pain or violence but from pressure and the release from pressure. She has currently trained multiple horses using this technique. No matter what you or your horse's age is, Bryleigh is ready to help . With her patience and guidance she could help you become a more confident rider and your horse a more fluent and relaxed animal.  

Jeff Manning

Maintenance Manager

With 30yrs horse experience, Jeff has done everything from handling Racehorses on the track to foaling and grooming. He has a quiet yet firm hand with the horses that puts even the hottest temperament horses at ease. He is attentive and is constantly checking the barn and pastures for needed repairs to ensure the safest environment for your horse. 

 Jeff handles all of the maintenance on the farm, upkeeping the property to a high standard. Between him and his team, the pastures are manicured with dragging and grass trimming on a weekly basis. He also is well versed in carpentry and frequently is busy doing projects for beautification and functionality of the farm.

With his extensive horse experience and exposure, he knows what it takes to create an environment where the horse not only lives comfortably, but thrives.

Horse Care

Day or Night turn-out schedules

Grain & Hay dropped 3 times daily

Stalls picked/bedded daily

Water checked twice daily 

Blankets, fly spray & turn-out gear applied

Fans adjusted as needed

*We do offer a Partial Board package for optimal customized care, however, Horse Care by our staff is mandatory in the large barn.

Horse Care

Partial $60.00/month​

Either Turn-in or Turn-out 

Water Buckets filled

Grain & Hay dropped 2 times daily

​Full $120.00/month

Both Turn-in and Turn-out 

Stalls cleaned daily

Water Buckets filled

Grain & Hay dropped 2 times daily

*Horse Care in our small barn is offered, however, not mandatory. If you decide on Self Care, all care to your horse is provided by you and no one else. Only the $275.00 board fee is due each month with Self Care.

All Boarders must provide their own metal fans.

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